by Pennyhawk

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Iorie Incredible smart and funny lyrics and besides that really good music! :) Favorite track: Change Your Garden Change Your Life.
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Niklouse Change your garden - best song I've heard in ages. Funny, clever...hoeing rows before bro's Favorite track: Change Your Garden Change Your Life.
Dan Auty
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Dan Auty Smart, sweet, caustic, honest, with great this album. Favourite track: Blissed Out Are The Wayward
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released February 15, 2012


all rights reserved



Pennyhawk Ames, Iowa

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Track Name: Sisterbones
My sister
hears whispers
of storms between her bones

She'll get an inkling in her ankle
She'll get a needling in her knee

This time
She said sis I'm
Picking up on something strong
And I swear by my hip that produces the limp
That you're the one involved

Put a finger on my hairline fracture
Followed it down to the break
The pulse around it was beating faster
I knew I'd allow her in vain
To warn me against it

She said "I have to be the one who refuses
To let you cash in on all your excuses
and be useless to you as tender
as the well meaning without scar tissue
who are lenient when you continue
to go off on another bender

I know you're in a tangle
but you know I got no angle
I got no hidden agenda

But to give you some hints
and speak straight from the splint:
Nobody but the body can mend you

Put a finger on your hairline fracture
Follow it down to the break
And if you're headed toward another disaster
Allow the memory it contains
To warn you against it"
Track Name: Shelby
Well, I took $15 to a casino, in Tama
And all I got back was a nickel
I put that nickel into a vending machine
And all I got out was a whistle
I blew that whistle loud and clear
And all I got was a stray dog
I put that dog in my car and took her home
And I named her..


Shelby Shelby
Show me that you need me
Shelby O Shelby
Come rest your head on my knee

Well, me and Shelby got along no doubt
I was gonna build her a house, I bought some lumber
But once I said, "Shelby, why don't you let yourself out?!"
And that I learned, was a blunder
Cuz Shelby's got a lot of pride
And she can't really take a joke
And she left me, must've been late at night
And she didn't even leave a note

Shelby Shelby
Well, it was all my fault, I grant you
Shelby O Shelby
If you come back I'll build you a dog mansion

Well, I learned three things that night in Tama
First, if you're a whiner and a grumbler
You might come to find, at the end of your complaining
All you got's a pile of lumber
And it's better to lose all $15, than to get heartache for a nickel
And you can't change the mind of a proud stray dog
No matter how hard you blow your whistle

Shelby Shelby
Now come on girl, quit your poutin'
Shelby O Shelby
Come back, I'll do all the lettin' outin'
Track Name: Of Course You Don't Need Glasses
It's all sweet now
It's all brand new
And I'm eager to promise
What I'm eager to do

But I can't say it in a look
Or convey it with a rhyme
I can only tell you in time

If a letter is an hour
And a word is a day
And I'm writing you a poem
And I got a lot to say

If the poem grows weekly
Then I'll have to switch to prose
Or I might have to tell you in a tome

Well, Of course you don't need glasses
Those eyes are blue and clear
And I don't need them either
When I'm lying so near

And looking to the future
And I hope it's where we are
But I can't tell
I can't see that far

And I'm dying to claim it
But I don't have any proof
Better not to say it
Then there's something to look forward to

Cuz though I do it sincerely
I can't say it with a smile
I'll just have to tell you after a while
Track Name: Blissed Out Are The Wayward
You left with plans that were soon forgotten
You hit rock bottom on a box of oxycotton
You ran out into the open field and forgot your name

You told the parents and coast guard
You'd clean up by the fall
But the papers and the postcards
Say you're having a ball

And you're never coming back
You're gonna look for truth, not facts
Cuz you found
Some sort of light

The last time I saw you
I smelled you brain sizzling
I bet I could guess just what it is that you're fixing
Sauteed mushrooms, with a splash of acid, all in an alcoholic reduction
Well, I guess I just grew a distaste for burnt out vagrants
Where the hell's it taking you?
And what the fuck is that fragrance?

And now you never finish a thing you mean to do
You read the forward to the Upanishads
You got one quarter of a sleeve tatoo
Hasn't stopped your bold-faced name dropping every chance that you get

I wish for once you'd say to someone, "Nice to meet ya
Every goddam thing I know I learned on Wikipedia
And all I know are facts
I looked for truth and never came back
Cuz I saw
Some sort of light"
Track Name: You'll Have To Wait
The days are losing light much sooner
And at night I'm quite the swooner
I am gaining hours to think of you

I am finding it disheartening
Singing without your harmony
Hardly a part apart from you

Come back as quickly as you can
I've got a welcome back dinner planned
Count on that being warm and waiting for you
Combat the concrete on the road
Countdown the mile markers home
Contact me when you're within minutes of home

Babe, you're getting lots of letters
Piling up from different senders
I have endless time to sort them through

I am going through the cupboards
Hungry for my missing lover
Nothing to replace the taste of you

Come back as quick as quick as you can
I've had as much as I can stand
Or sat or laid around waiting for you

Combat the concrete on the road
Countdown the mile markers home
Contact me when you're within minutes of home

You'll have to wait

Your half of the bed isn't getting any fuller
and it'll be winter if it gets any faller
When you're getting close, then give me a holler

Come back as quickly as you can
I've got a welcome back dinner planned
Count on that being warm and waiting for you
Combat the concrete on the road
Countdown the mile markers home
Contact me when you're within minutes of home
Track Name: Timid Women
"Timid women don't make six-digit-figures,"
Said the loose purler unto the tight knitter,
"And you can be a weak broad in the meat-market
And they'll spit out a heart with nothin hidden in it

I fired men twice my size
They cowered at the power of my menses
I've been estranged from my mom so long
She thought of me as just a list of expenses
Shit, look at me, i dropped a stitch around the armpit:
When you bitch you put a crack in your defenses"

"I left my job after the mafia got involved
I found the deals ran so deep
They piped up sap into the tree of deceit
And I insisted that the contracts were resisted
But a man was enlisted to force me into this decision

To move back to the heartland
Take care of my mother and i signed up for this class
And my daughter-in-law's a pain in the ass:
She cringes at my crassness, she curls up her eyelashes,
She's all lace and satin sashes, and she's gonna get her ass kicked"

"So my little doe-eyed-dears, before you get your bottled-beers,
I'm gonna give it to you clear
Not molly-cottle you anymore
When they say they're granting
Everything that you are asking
And it's just a game you're playing,
This is what they're really saying

'O daughter O daughter,
We'll dress you up for the slaughter
There's eyes like axe-heads
And you're the fire's fodder'

"So timid women don't fidget
You'll never get that sixth digit
Timid women don't fidget"
Track Name: W(rest)le Remix by Utopia Park
I tried to put
My mind at ease
I tried to replace
Truth with peace

Don't mean to be
So reserved
Guilted, scared, or suckered

Searching sightless
For a seamless door
Or an analogy
Carried out way too far

Conversing with
The silent ark
Prayers are blind archers
Toward a hidden mark

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