Another Layer

by Pennyhawk

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kevin barber
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kevin barber Incredible gifted songwriter with a Fantastic turn of phrase.This is melodic storytelling at it's best.Such beautiful arrangements,vocals,and lyrics on W(rest)le. That song truly goes right to the soul. Favorite track: W(rest)le.
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released May 14, 2011


all rights reserved



Pennyhawk Ames, Iowa

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Track Name: Timid Women
"timid women don't make six-digit-figures,"
said the loose purler unto the tight knitter,
"and you can be a weak broad in the meat-market
and they'll spit out a heart with nothin hidden in it

i fired men twice my size
they cowered at the power of my mensees
i've been estranged from my mom so long
she thought of me as just a list of expenses
shit, look at me, i lost a stitch around the armpit
-when you bitch you put a crack in your defenses"

"i left my job after the mafia got involved
i found the deals ran so deep
they piped up sap into the tree of deceit
and i insisted that the contracts were resisted
but a man was enlisted to force me into this decision

to move back to the heartland
take care of my mother and i signed up for this class
and my daughter-in-law's a pain in the ass:
see cringes at my crassness, she curls up her eyelashes, she's all lace and satin sashes, and she's gonna get HER ASS KICKED"

"so my little doe-eyed-dears, before you get your bottled-beers, i'm gonna give it to you clear
-not molly-cottle you anymore
when they say they're granting
everything that you are asking
and it's just a game you're playing,
this is what they're REALLY saying

'o daughter o daughter,
we'll dress you up for the slaughter
there's eyes like axe-heads
and you're the fire's fodder'

"so timid women don't fidget
you'll never get that sixth digit
timid women don't fidget"
Track Name: Oysters
if you crack this oyster before it's done
from it's mind will issue a moldy tongue
if you ask the baker to sell you bread
when his oven's frozen - you'll wait til death

i will ask my father
to watch the gate
fortify and armor it with iron and hate

if you fill your lungs up with heft and wait
i will not be tempted by breathed-bait
if you put your foot down or draw the line
it will not do anything to change my mind

i will ask my father
for an empty cot
upon it to cauterize
gangrenous thought

ask me to forgive
the murderers
the loophole-finders and law-hurdlers
ask me to love all the crooks and burglars
but ask me not to unlearn these curses

i will ask my father
to stand me up
i will ask my father
to fill my cup
Track Name: Lily-Livid
i'll call you up
in a month
i'm in a rut
i'm on a bus

i'll find your
address again
in a week
it's in a wad
in my jeans

my breaks are rubbing
against the wheel
i won't contest
i don't appeal
and i don't fix them

i'm walking straight
and determinedly
to a restaurant
to lose my savings
in $7 increments

i won't be written
(if i can afford it)
i won't bow down and be rewarded
like a subject

if you don't want
me to read
between the lines
than speak without
a subtext
Track Name: W(rest)le
i tried to put
my mind at ease
i tried to replace
truth with peace

don't mean to be
so reserved
guilted, scared, or suckered

searching sightless
for a seamless door
or an analogy
carried out way too far

conversing with
the silent ark
prayers are blind archers
toward a hidden mark

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